Wednesday, March 13, 2013

von Wehrwolf Hussar's


Major General Amadeus von Wehrwolf raised this the second of Pappenheim's Hussar regiments he was given this honour for his valourous conduct in the late war particularly at the battle of Grosser Feurbach.  During the war it was identified that Major General von Wehrwolf was one of the greatest cavalry commanders of the war fighting three battles always at the forefront of his troops he is certainly one of the luckiest having survived against the Vandenburg-Brussian army.

Initially formed from mostly Polonian recruits it was decided to change to mostly Pappenheimer's as the Duke felt it gave the army a more national feel.  Given the rapid increase within the rest of the army this slowed down the availability of qualified recruits and has resulted in the regiment only recently reaching full strength.
The regiment itself is commanded in the field by the Major General's eldest son Lieutenant Colonel Ludwig von Wehrwolf, here he can be seen with his favourite hound Bärli.  

Bärli has become the regiments mascot, and follows his master in training and upon parade.  He is welcome at the fires of the troopers of the regiment and appears
Recent field operations have shown this corps is the match of their sister regiment the von Munchausen Hussars and the officers from both regiments maintain a friendly rivalry between them.   Both regiments however look down upon the Comte Tilly Chevauxleger  regarding them as lesser cousin to the true "Light Cavalry".
Figures by Eureka Miniatures

Painting by the Corporal's Guard Painting Service

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