Saturday, October 8, 2011

von Reindle's Musketeers

The final brigade of the Elector Spirituals forces von Reindle's Musketeers draws it's recruits mainly from Munchausen, Enteburg and Vorlund. They are the junior regiment of the Witzboldfeld army having only come into being towards the end of the previous Elector Spiritual's reign.

In the field they are commanded by Colonel Gerhardt von Kreutzer-Meinhoff another of of Graf von Reindle's relatives, indeed nearly half of the regiments officers are related to their Inhaber including his own son Major Ferdinand von Reindle who commands the regiment second battalion.

The recent turbulent times in Pangaea saw the regiment fight the Ikeonians and then the Vandenburgers, they survived their first battle unscathed, they weren't so lucky in their second being driven from the field.

Figures by Front Rank
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service