Saturday, October 8, 2011

von Reindle's Musketeers

The final brigade of the Elector Spirituals forces von Reindle's Musketeers draws it's recruits mainly from Munchausen, Enteburg and Vorlund. They are the junior regiment of the Witzboldfeld army having only come into being towards the end of the previous Elector Spiritual's reign.

In the field they are commanded by Colonel Gerhardt von Kreutzer-Meinhoff another of of Graf von Reindle's relatives, indeed nearly half of the regiments officers are related to their Inhaber including his own son Major Ferdinand von Reindle who commands the regiment second battalion.

The recent turbulent times in Pangaea saw the regiment fight the Ikeonians and then the Vandenburgers, they survived their first battle unscathed, they weren't so lucky in their second being driven from the field.

Figures by Front Rank
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The battle of Dachsfluß-Brücke

Following the battle of Nieder-Wahdorf the ErbPrinz sheperded his battered forces back to the meet the rest of the Huhnerland army whist King Oskar followed closely on his heels.

The Elector of Huhnerland had raised the seige of Straslund and had found a strong defensive position to face the Vandenburgers. His right Flank rested upon the Dachsfluß-Brücke, two low hills formed the centre of his position and a small woods held his left flank. The fight that the ErbPrinz had put up had given him tome to strengthen it further, with a seres of fieldworks across the entire front.

view from Reichsarmee right flank

There was some disagreement between the ErbPrinz and the Elector about who should command the combined army, but the ErbPrinz with his Imperial Warrant of Command was able to persuade the Elector to allow him to command.

Reichsarmee left flank

The battered forces of the Reich took the right flank whilst the Huhnerlanders took the centre and left flank of the position.

Reichsarmee centre

Reichsarmee left flank

King Oskar placed a brigade of cavalry on each wing and his centre held his indomitable infantry he had given them orders to strike at the battered remnants of the Reichsarmee before taking on the Huhnerlanders.

Vandenburg infantry sweeps across the battlefield

As the Erbprinz watched on nervously the Vandenburgers came into artillery range and the Huhnerlanders opened fire, their three heavy batteries struck the ranks of the Vandenburgers to mixed effect.

Vandenburgers continue into the face of fierce artillery fire

Despite the best efforts of the Huhnerlund gunners, the Vandenburgers continued to surge forth and struck the line at the junction of the Huhnerland and Reichsarmee forces. The von Dillon brigade struck a brigade of Huhnerlanders and the gun battery beside them the guns fired like men possed and then pulled out as the von Dillon's and swept through, almost captuing the Elector of Huhnerlund in the process.

the Elector of Huhnerland stares down the regiment von Dillon

Seeing the desperate situation on the left flank it was at this moment the two Pappenheim brigades chose to charge the Vandenburg Grenadiers in front of them with predictable results...

Pappenheimers attack, the gun battery prepares to fire again

Having now cracked a whole three brigades wide in the position the Vandenburgers began to pour into the position. splitting the army in half. the commanders of the Reichsarmee cavalry gave the order to fall back across the river to defend the bridge, hundreds of broken troops had already proceeded them seeking safety as there was only one brigade of Reichsarmee infantry still holding.

the whole that was the left flank

the reichsarmee cavalry takes a new position

Having seen off the Reichs forces the Vandenburgers seemed content to push into the centre and drive the Huhnerlanders from their positions. As soon as that happened the commanders of the reichsarmee's cavalry forces brought them back across the river.

return of the reichsarmee cavalry

A series of cavalry engagements followed followed which ultimately saw the Vandenburg cavalry fought to a standstill. The as the final moment before nightfall the will to continue faded from the Imperial forces and a general retreat turned into a rout with the Vandenburg Hussars capturing a battery of Huhnerlund artillery.

The Reichsarmee forces having been seperated from the main force withdrew into Dachsdorf and have joined the forces of the Duke of Dachsdorf-Biberhof. The Huhnerlunders have withdrawn and are headed back into Huhnerland itself.

Monday, September 12, 2011

von Furchner's Musketeers

Raised during the Pangaean wars of religion von Furchner's regiment was originally in service with the Elector of Enteburg before being transfered into service with the forces of Witzboldfeld at the end of those wars. They draw recruits from the southern part of the empire and include many men from

Their inhaber is Graf Sebastian von Furchner a nobleman from Kleiner-Munchausen who has been in the service of the the Electors Spiritual for many years. The Graf is famous within the empire for his love of cartography and has collected many maps and charts from all over the world. He has remained aloof of the debate fostered by the Elector of Munchausen about the contentious spelling of the Electorates name that almost caused a war between the Electors of Munchausen and Enteburg.

Currently the regiment is in the field with the Army of the Western circle, they have faced the Ikeaonians and the Vandenburgers, they very much prefer to fight the former rather than the later.

Figures by Front Rank
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service

Archbishop's Grenadier Guards

The Elector Spiritual of Imperial Pangaea raised a regiment of guards during the Pangaean wars of religion, they remain in service today in their distinct lilac coats and crimson facings. Currently commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ernst von Minnesänger, a stern disciplinarian who has resisted the current Electors push for more equality between the classes.

The brigade fought valiantly at the battle of Grosser Feuerbach before being driven from the field in the face of the Ikeaonian cavalry. They are currently being rebuilt as a force in Witzboldfeld before returning to the field with the Reichsarmee.

As the senior cleric within the Pangaean Reich the Elector has access to recruits from lands spread across most of the empire and has called upon the peasantry within the churches domains to rebuild his Guards brigade.

Figures by Front Rank
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service