Wednesday, March 13, 2013

von Munchausen's Hussar's


Freiherr Hieronymus Carl Friedrich von Munchausen, after serving with the King of Vandenburg was lured back into Imperial service by the Duke of Pappenheim.  His experience with the Vandenburg Hussars gave him great insight into the use of light cavalry on the battlefield and also in the Kleiner Krieg. 

His was the first of two 10 squadron regiments raised for service with Pappenheim army which emulate King Oskar's vaunted Hussar's. 
The Freiherr was one of King Oskar's more eccentric officer's, he had served with the forces of his home Munchausen, Katerheim and the United Provinces before joining the army of Vandenburg Brussia. 
It was during his time as a Hauptmann with the United provinces that he developed his intense dislike of windmills.  He also gained the services of his long suffering batman/manservant Miguel de Saavedra once a soldier with the Kingdom of Alba he has followed his master across Pangaea loyally keeping the enthusiastic baron.


 Figures by Eureka Miniatures

Painting by the Corporal's Guard Painting Service

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