Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Duke Maximillian von Pappenheim

Maximillian von Pappenheim, Duke of Pappenheim, Hereditary Marshall of the Reich, Commander of Order of The ReichsMarshall of Imperial Pangaea. Here shown in his uniform as Marshall of the Imperial Armies upon his horse Aithops. With him is his aide, Major Alexander von Rabe and a dragoon of von Tiefenbach's regiment on guard duty.

The duke takes his military duties very seriously and has raised his son to do the same. He also a maintains a keen interest in scholarly pursuits concentrating upon the ancient greeks, the influence which can be seen in may of the standards of the Pappenheim military.

(M&R stats Great +1, Exceptional)

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Monday, June 13, 2011

General Leopold von Rabe

Major General Leopold von Rabe, commands a column of infantry consisting of the ReichsMarshal Musketeers, von Rabe Musketeers and Pz Lothar Musketeers. He can be seen here in the uniform of Prince Lothar's regiment of Musketeers.

The von Rabes are one of the empires prominent military families, there are von Rabes serving in the military of Enteburg, Pappenheim, Huhnerlund as well as Alt-Braunbar. Leopold is the senior member of the family whose ancestral home is within Pappenheim. He has only recently been promoted to the rank of Major General and granted his own regiment of Musketeers.

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General Alberecht von Albtraum

Major General Alberecht von Albtraum commands the elite column of Pappenheim infantry consisting of the Grenadier Guards, combined Grenadiers and Erbprinz Musketeers. He has a reputation as a solid officer who can be relied upon to do his duty, he takes good care of the men under his command and has the ear of the Duke.

He joined the Erbprinz Regiment as cornet with the grenadier company and rose to the rank of Captain of Grenadiers within that regiment before he was transfered out to the Grenadier Guards as a major. He was soon transferred back to the ErbPrinz's regiment as a lieutenant Colonel and it's field commander he was then transferred to the Duke's Staff as a Colonel before he was promoted to Major General.

(M&R stats +1)

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General Amadeus von Wehrwolf

The hard charging commander of the Pappenheim cavalry General Amadeus is here shown in the full dress uniform of von Mercy's horse. An exceptional as well as valorous officer he can be found where the fighting is fiercest. At the recent battle of Grosser Feuerbach he was mentioned in the dispatch to the Emperor

"Indeed the Major General placed his life at risk in every instance and it was only through the grace of the divine or his own peerless swordsmanship that the general survived the battle."

One can only hope his luck holds.

(M&R stats +2, Exceptional, Valorous)

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von Tiefenbach Dragoons "Die Blauen Ritter"

The inhaber of this regiment is Michael von Tiefenbach one of the richest men in the empire, he has purchased blue roan horses for every man within the regiment and keeps a number of sizable stub farms across the south of the empire. A new regiment only raised recently they have yet to be tested in battle.

The regiment is commanded in the field by Lieutenant Colonel Charles von Königsmarck a native of Vandenburg who has fallen out of favour in the court of King Oskar of Brussia. Whilst the Lt. Colonel is keeping quiet about what happened rumours abound within the court of Pappenheim from embezzlement of military funds to a dalliance with the kings niece.

There has been some consternation within the ducal court as the regiment was authorised to carry a black standard however they arrived at their first inspection by the Duke carrying the white standard shown here. This has caused some friction with the Comte von Tilly Chevauxleger as they are authorised to carry the white standard.

von Tiefenbach Dragoons

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Comte von Tilly Chevauxlegers

The only unit of Chevauxleger within the Pappenheim army their Inhaber is the redoubtable Comte von Tilly a grizzled old warhorse and the former commander of the Pappenheim army. The Comte was originally from the province of Flounders and served with the Imperial forces for most of his life. He has fought against the Ikeaonians, the Ottomanians as well as in Italica and against Nouvelle-Champagne.

Following the Comte's experiences against the Ottomanians he saw the need for a regular light cavalry unit something like the Hussars of Hinterland but better able to perform on the battlefield. His ideas have been copied by the Vandenburgers and further improved with their own Hussars.

The Comte's men covered themselves in glory at the battle of Grosser Feuerbach supporting the heavy cavalry in their attacks upon the cream of Ikeonia's horse and driving them from the field.

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Gerhardt von Werth's Horse

Commanded by colonel Gerhardt von Werth the junior regiment of horse within the Pappenheim army. Raised a year later than von Mercy's Horse the two units have fought alongside each other for may years.

Whilst Colonel von Werth does not maintain the strict standards of von Mercy's horse, they remain one of the empires finest regiments of cuirassiers with a reputation second to none.

At the battle of Grosser Feuerbach von Werth's Horse fought as hard as von Mercy's Horse and between them they drove the cream of Ikeaonia's cavalry from the field. Of particular note was the performance of Lieutenant Ludwig von Rabe who captured a standard from the Ikeaonians.

full dress uniform of von Werth's Horse

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