Sunday, March 17, 2013

von Eisenlowe Grenadiers

The Eisenlowe Grenadiers are Pappenheims second Grenadier brigade and have formed after the Dukes recent military expansions.  The brigade forms part of Major General Franz von Teufel's column and are sure to be at the forefront of any future battles.   

  Commanded by Colonel Johannes von Eisenlowe the brigade includes troops from the von Albtruam Musketeers (blue facings), the Kurfustin Musketeers (white facings), von Teufel's Fusiliers (red facings) and the Pz Johan von Schnauzer Fusliers (orange facings).
Colonel von Eisenlowe came into the Duke's service from the Electorate of Enteburg where he had been a major with the King Arouet Grenadier Regiment.  He saw service in the Italican campaign against the kingdom of Alba and then fought against the forces of the King of Polonia at the battle of Zollmen..   

Figures by Eureka Miniatures

Painting by the Corporal's Guard Painting Service

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