Sunday, March 17, 2013

Major General Heinrich von Rabe

Commander of the Light Cavalry of Pappenheim, Major General von Rabe seen here with his favourite Lupinian hunting hounds and Major Prinz Kurt von Pappenheim.  Major General Heinrich is the brother of Major General Leopold von Rabe who commands a column of the Dukes Infantry.

The General's column consists of the Comte von Tilly Chevauxleger's and Graf von Munchausen's Hussars & the von Wehrwolf Hussars.  The new Hussar regiments are shaping up well and have a very capable group of officers.


Below is the general watching his troops march past on the way to field manuevers agains the heavy cavalry column of Major General Amadeus von Wehrwolf.

(M&R stats +2)

Figures by Eureka
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service.

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