Monday, June 13, 2011

Gerhardt von Werth's Horse

Commanded by colonel Gerhardt von Werth the junior regiment of horse within the Pappenheim army. Raised a year later than von Mercy's Horse the two units have fought alongside each other for may years.

Whilst Colonel von Werth does not maintain the strict standards of von Mercy's horse, they remain one of the empires finest regiments of cuirassiers with a reputation second to none.

At the battle of Grosser Feuerbach von Werth's Horse fought as hard as von Mercy's Horse and between them they drove the cream of Ikeaonia's cavalry from the field. Of particular note was the performance of Lieutenant Ludwig von Rabe who captured a standard from the Ikeaonians.

full dress uniform of von Werth's Horse

Figures by Eureka
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service.


  1. nice, love these Imaginations, I will have to start one, one day.

  2. Why stop at one, I'm upto three already :)