Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Duke Maximillian von Pappenheim

Maximillian von Pappenheim, Duke of Pappenheim, Hereditary Marshall of the Reich, Commander of Order of The ReichsMarshall of Imperial Pangaea. Here shown in his uniform as Marshall of the Imperial Armies upon his horse Aithops. With him is his aide, Major Alexander von Rabe and a dragoon of von Tiefenbach's regiment on guard duty.

The duke takes his military duties very seriously and has raised his son to do the same. He also a maintains a keen interest in scholarly pursuits concentrating upon the ancient greeks, the influence which can be seen in may of the standards of the Pappenheim military.

(M&R stats Great +1, Exceptional)

Figures by Eureka
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service.

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