Monday, June 13, 2011

Comte von Tilly Chevauxlegers

The only unit of Chevauxleger within the Pappenheim army their Inhaber is the redoubtable Comte von Tilly a grizzled old warhorse and the former commander of the Pappenheim army. The Comte was originally from the province of Flounders and served with the Imperial forces for most of his life. He has fought against the Ikeaonians, the Ottomanians as well as in Italica and against Nouvelle-Champagne.

Following the Comte's experiences against the Ottomanians he saw the need for a regular light cavalry unit something like the Hussars of Hinterland but better able to perform on the battlefield. His ideas have been copied by the Vandenburgers and further improved with their own Hussars.

The Comte's men covered themselves in glory at the battle of Grosser Feuerbach supporting the heavy cavalry in their attacks upon the cream of Ikeonia's horse and driving them from the field.

Figures by Eureka
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service.

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