Monday, June 13, 2011

General Leopold von Rabe

Major General Leopold von Rabe, commands a column of infantry consisting of the ReichsMarshal Musketeers, von Rabe Musketeers and Pz Lothar Musketeers. He can be seen here in the uniform of Prince Lothar's regiment of Musketeers.

The von Rabes are one of the empires prominent military families, there are von Rabes serving in the military of Enteburg, Pappenheim, Huhnerlund as well as Alt-Braunbar. Leopold is the senior member of the family whose ancestral home is within Pappenheim. He has only recently been promoted to the rank of Major General and granted his own regiment of Musketeers.

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Figures by Eureka
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service.

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