Sunday, August 19, 2012

von Farkas Musketeers

Major General Franz Heinrich von Farkas is the inhaber of this regiment, an officer formerly in the service of the Emperor transferred to serve the Archbishop upon his death.  He owns extensive lands in Hinterlund near the border with Skanderberg. 

The regiment draws it's manpower from the Archbishop's lands within Vorlund and Enteburg.  The officers and men of the regiment consider von Silberlowe's musketeers as rivals and the Inhaber's of the two regiments have had to step in on several occasions to stop duels between their officers.

The regiment is commanded in the field by Lieutenant Colonel Jozef Visla another Hinterlunder he joined the Archbishop's service upon the death of the old Emperor and was granted command of the regiment by his old commanding officer Major General von Farkas.  Colonel Visla is a keen huntsman and when not engaged in his military duties can be found in the hunting lodge he purchased on the Enteburg border.  He has become close friends with Prince Louis von Ente und Spurhund-Jungen as they bothe share a passion for hunting.

Figures by Crusader Miniatures
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painting by the Cardinals Painting Service