Friday, August 24, 2012

Silberlowe Musketeers

Major General Wilhelm von Silberlowe is the Inhaber of this regiment, raised for service with the Reichsarmee by Archbishop Prince Heinrich von Holdstein-Braunbar.  It's personnel has been drawn mostly from the archbishop's lands within the electorate of Munchausen which has upset the elector to some extent.

This regiment maintains a strong rivalry with the von Farkas Musketeers, the two regiment where raised on the same day and both claim seniority within the Archbishops service.  However as Major General Wilhelm von Silberlowe is the senior officer, his regiment is generally given seniority.

The regiment is commanded in the field currently by Liuetenant Colonel Leopold von Schwan on officer of Enteburg extraction.  The colonel has been in command of the regiment since it's inception and his guiding hand has seen the regiment the equal of any regiment in Vorlund's service.

 Figures by Crusader Miniatures
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painting by the Cardinals Painting Service


  1. The silver lion Musketeers..I like it. Nice combination of white and lightblue

  2. Good one Adster have you inherited custodianship the very big hill?

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  4. No, it remains with King Oscar, these where taken on the Goulburn expidition.