Sunday, August 12, 2012

Battle of Schwarzstepan

To their Imperial Majesties

It is with great pleasure that I can inform you of the overwhelming victory today near the village of Schwarzstepan.  The forces under my control encountered a force of Melchestrians & Katerheimers advancing into the empire.

I gave orders for our forces to form up with the cavalry of Major General di Cigno holding the left flank, then the heavy guns of the Duke of Pappenheim.  To their right the infantry of Alt-Braunbar then the command of Major General von Reindle's Witzboldfelders. then the Pappenheim infantry on the right of the line.  Holding the left flank was Major General von Wehrwolf and on the far right the command of Major General Graf von Krupp.

The enemy formed up with the Katerheim cavalry holding the right flank two brigades of horse and one of dragoons the Melchestians infantry formed the centre seven brigades in the front line and four in the second their left flank was held by three Katerheim brigades positioned around the village of Schwarzstepan with the Melchestrian Guard Horse, two brigades of Melchestrian dragoons and a brigade of Katerheim dragoons on the right flank.

von Krupp's command, Graff Tilly Chevau Leger in the foreground

von Wehrwolf's command, von Mercy's Cuirassier in the foreground

Pz Admiral Deuteronomy Enteburg Cuirassiers

view from the Reichsarmee left

Reichsarmee centre

My orders were for the cavalry on our right to engage the enemy cavalry those on the left where to hold until we could gain the measure of the forces arrayed against us.  It soon became apparent the Katerheim cavalry commander did not have the stomach for a fight and Major General di Cigno was sent forward. 

 The regiment of horse upon our right soon came to grips with the Melchestrians it was here that Major General Graf von Krupp was injured during the fighting and escorted from the field.  The Katerheim infantry came out in a vain attempt to rescue the overwhelmed Melchestrian cavalry managing to get several deadly volleys into von Mercy'c Cuirassiers as well as von Werth's Cuirassiers.  In the end it would avail them nought as the cavalry upon both flanks would be swept from the field.

Katerheim infantry about to fire upon the Pappenheim Horse
The last of the enemy cavalry is driven from the field

The Melchestrian commander the Duke of Camberland had sent his infantry slowly forward as the cavalry battle unfolded, it was not until it was almost nightfall that our infantry met.

The infantry lines meet

The firefight bout to begin
 The first volleys where telling your Majesties, the vaunted firepower of the Melchestrians availed them naught as our brave lads poured volley after volley into the lines of red coated infantry.  They stood bravely as the Melchestrians threw themselves at our lines and fought them back.  We continued to pour fire into them but it was Graff von Hovawort's regiment on the left of our line who destroyed the vaunted Melchestrain Guards with barely a loss to themselves.

Graf von Hovawort's Regiment after destroying the Melchestrian Guards

 In the end the only five brigades of Melchestrians and two of Katerheimers remained surrounded by our victoriuos cavalry and with no chance of escape the Duke of Camberland saw no option but to surrender his forces.  Thus was signed the treaty of  Schwarzstepan which will be forwarded to your Imperial Majesties.

Your Servant
Graf Graubarbar
General Commanding

Final result, Melchester Katerheim lost all seven mounted brigades, two guards infantry brigades plus four line infantry brigades.  The Reichsarmee lost one infantyr brigade.

Final positions

The surrounded Katerheimers


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