Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here is the most up to date versiion of the Pangaean map, I'll have to hunt around for Lupinia & Golconda's maps.


  1. Squares = Fortresses
    Circles = Provincial Cities
    Stars = Capitals

  2. Cheering to see them again -does it mean a great campaign will be reborn?

    The situation of Witzbolfeld between the two parts of Enteburg is uncomfortably reminiscent of the Polish Danzig Corridor during the Interwars. The more Witzboldfelder regiments in Enteburg service the more ears and eyes (and possibilities to 'backstab') the Archbishopric will have there. Was not a regiment of River marines to be raised?

    Obviously with cold Ikeona to the South and warm Alba to the North Pangaea is in the Southern Hemisphere: where people live upside down, have Christmas in summer and where toilets and bathtubs drain clockwise (a friend of mine explained to his drill sergeant and an awed audience of draftees that the guns intended for use South of the equator are rifled anticlockwise because of the Coriolis effect!): this may explain other oddities ^-^

  3. Bonjour Elector

    I perused the archives of the 'Reicharmme' and 'Kopf-Schlager' blogs: seemingly Ir 4 von Klink was not translated into miniatures and his flags not illustrated?

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Jean Louis

    It's not one of mine, it could be one of the cardinal's troops though.