Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Duchy of Pappenheim raises more troops!

von Lipicanac's Skanderberg Uhlans 

The Duke of Pappenheim today announced he is raising more troops for service with the Imperial army, his intention is to raise the following regiments

von Munchausen's Hussars
von Wehrwolf Hussars
von Lipicanac's Skanderberg Uhlans 

in addition he has asked Major General von Teufel to raise a regiment of Fusiliers and Major General Alberecht von Albtraum to raise a regiment of Musketeers

these regiments are expected to be ready for service in the next campaign season.

von Lipicanac's Skanderberg Uhlans 

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  1. Very nice work, and great photos! Very nice blog too, I really like your Silberlowe Musketeers post!