Sunday, April 17, 2011

States of the Western Circle

Duchy of Pappenheim

The Duchy of Pappenheim forms the largest component of the Reichsarmee of the Western circle of the Empire, currently their forces consist of six brigades of infantry, four brigades of cavalry and a battery of heavy guns.

The Duke, Prince Maximillian von Pappenheim is also the hereditary Reichsmarshall of the Empire a position his line have held for many generatiuons. He has reformed his army into a much more modern force than that of his forebears. Currently the Duke is commanding the main Reichsarmee currently in the eastern provinces of the empire.

His son and heir the Erbprinz Rupert von Pappenheim currently commands the army of the Western circle. He recently fought his first battle outside Grosser Feuerbach defeating the forces of the King of Ikeaonia and sending then scurrying back to their fortress of Straslund.

Margravinate of Alt-Braunbar

The Margrave Erich's lands sit uneasily upon the border of the Elector of Vandenburg. Whilst he remains firmly commited to thye empire his larger and aggressive neighbour does cause him much concern.

Currently the army of the Margrave consists of three brigades of foot and a brigade of dragoons who are serving with the Western circle of the Reichsarmee

Electorate of Witzboldfeld

Ruled by the Elector Spiritual of the Empire of Pangaea the Witzboldfelders are in a state of confusion as he has brought many new ideas to Witzboldfeld. Seen as a radical by several of the other Electors what will happen to his lands remain to be seen.

Currently the elector provides three brigades of foot and two brigades of horse to the Reichsarmee.

Archbishopric of Maitz

Archbishop Goostave de Ente und Spurhund-Jungen is the uncle of the current Elector of Enteburg, called to priestly orders at an early age he was installed as the Archbishop of Maitz ten years ago. During that time he has steadily improved the lot of his subjects and his own coffers through a series of internal taxation reforms. His lands are scattered across several parts of the empire which can sometime prove difficult to manage but the old Goose has handled it with aplomb.

He has raised two brigades of foot from amongst his lands which he has sent to join the Imperial forces.

Archbishopric of Bampfberg

Prince Heinrich von Holdstein-Braunbar is the current culer of Bampfberg, a recent appointment he is closely related to both the Kings of Holdstein and the Margraves of Alt-Braunbar. Another of the scattered Archbishoprics Bampfbergs lands fall largely within the electorates of Enteburg and Munchausen.

Currently the Archbishop has supplied two brigades of foot to the Reichsarmee.

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