Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grosser Feuerbach

Here is a copy of the letter written to Emperor Seigfreid after the battle of Grosser Feuerbach by the Erbprinz.

To his Imperial Highness, Emperor Siegfried,

I write to you my Emperor following the engagement that took part outside the town of Grosser Feuerbach. The forces of Ikeaonia under their Crown Prince Ferdinand engaged the forces of the western Circle of the Reich. I had chosen to deploy my forces between the town of Grosser Feuerbach and the Fuchsholz forest.

The first line of Infantry consisted of the forces of Pappenheim with the Foot Guards holding the left, the combined Grenadiers in the town of Grosser Feuerbach and my own ErbPrinz Musketeers on the right of the town, all under the command of Major General Albtraum. Next to them was placed a battery of heavy guns, then The ReichsMarshall Musketeers, then Prince Lothar’s Regiment and the von Rabe Musketeers taking the extreme right of our line. Major General von Rabe led these troops. Our second line consisted of Major General Graf von Reindl’s Witzboldfelder’s, the Archbishop’s Guards, von Reindl’s brigade and von Furcher’s brigade upon the left. To their right the forces of Alt Braunbar under the redoubtable Major General Graubarbar, von Affenpinscher’s Brigade, von Hovaworth’s Brigade and Von Elche’s brigade.

Upon the Left wing Major General Wehrwolf led von Werth’s Cuirassiers, von Mercy’s cuirassiers and von Tsaerclass’s ChevauxLeger, whilst upon the right behind the Fuchsholz I placed Major General von Krupp with the Reich’s dragoons of Graubarbar’s Brigade and von Krupp’s brigade.

Facing us stood the indomitable Prince Ferdinand’s forces with Major General Alderstrale’s column of four brigades of foot holding their left, Prince Sven the Bold with four brigades in the centre including the elite Life Guards and Von Trapp’s Helvetian brigade. Then the Crown prince placed his two batteries upon their right. Next came the flower of Ikeaonian horse, four brigades of cuirassiers under the valiant Major General Ehrensvard. Finally upon their right where three brigades of Dragoons under Major General Fersen.

Upon seeing the Ikeaonian disposition I commanded Major General von Krupp to move to support our centre and signalled for an advance. Whilst Major General Albtraum moved his troops forward with alacrity it seemed Major General von Rabe’s forces where less eager to come into the battle.

Crown Prince Ferdinand seemed determined to force the issue with his overwhelming cavalry force and much of the battle hinged upon the sweeping attack upon our left by the seven brigades of Ikeaonian cavalry.

I can say unreservedly that the forces under the command of Major General Wehrwolf fought without peer, the two brigades of cuirassier’s destroying Ehrensvard’s command with the support of the Archbishop’s Guards and our own Pappenheim Foot Guards. Indeed the Major General placed his life at risk in every instance and it was only through the grace of the divine or his own peerless swordsman ship that the general survived the battle. During this melee upon which the battle hinged the Archbishop’s Guards did sterling service until they were driven from the field by the savage attacks of the Ikeaonian cuirassiers.

A commendation should also be given to Major General von Krupp as he managed to capture both of the Ikeaonian's heavy batteries despite the threat of the Helvetian brigade.

Whilst a whirlwind cavalry battle ensued upon our left Prince Sven brought his brigade forward and managed to destroy the Pappenheim Grenadiers and my own regiment.

As the dark of night fell the forces of the Crown Prince withdrew leaving the Imperial forces masters of the battlefield.

Your Servant
Lt General, the ErbPrinz Rupert von Pappenheim



  1. Hurrah for the Reicharmee blog!

  2. Some local bloody defeats -such as the quasi annihilation of the Witzboldfeld Archbishop’s Guards- are at least as glorious as crushing victories. Specially when, pinning larger forces, they allow success elsewhere, Camerone-fashion.

    Btw, if I understand well, Biberhof, Dachsdorf, Habischwald, Hoche Affeburg, Huhnerland, Kopf-Schlager, Kremmsmunster and Waldstein, while members of the Reich, don't belong to the Westkreis?

  3. Thanks JL

    Biberhof, Dachsdorf, Habischwald, Hoche Affeburg, Huhnerland are members of the Southern circle.

    Kopf-Schlager is part of the Northern circle with Enteburg and Helvetia and Gluckheim

    Kremmsmunster and Waldstein form part of the Eastern circle with Katerheim, Flounders and Stahldorf, the united provinces was part of the eastern circle but are now independant.

    Technically Vandenburg and Munchausen also form part of the Western circle but they seldom send troops to assist.