Monday, September 12, 2011

Archbishop's Grenadier Guards

The Elector Spiritual of Imperial Pangaea raised a regiment of guards during the Pangaean wars of religion, they remain in service today in their distinct lilac coats and crimson facings. Currently commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ernst von Minnesänger, a stern disciplinarian who has resisted the current Electors push for more equality between the classes.

The brigade fought valiantly at the battle of Grosser Feuerbach before being driven from the field in the face of the Ikeaonian cavalry. They are currently being rebuilt as a force in Witzboldfeld before returning to the field with the Reichsarmee.

As the senior cleric within the Pangaean Reich the Elector has access to recruits from lands spread across most of the empire and has called upon the peasantry within the churches domains to rebuild his Guards brigade.

Figures by Front Rank
Flags by David of Not by Appointment
Painted by the Cardinals Painting Service


  1. We can all agree, Grenadiers are much manlier then the average man. another very nice unit, love the standards.

  2. Yes, it does take a real man to join the Elector Spirituals army.

  3. lovely addition to the ranks!